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    Man Behind Minions Says They're Too "Dumb And Stupid" To Be Female

    Minions co-director Pierre Coffin has explained why there are no females.

    You've probably noticed that Minions are everywhere right now, much to the dismay of basically everyone.

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    And people have been a little confused about their gender.

    Perhaps #Minions are gender neutral..

    can minions reproduce? where do they come from? are there any female minions? are they genderless? do they have boobs? so many questions

    Are #Minions gender neutral? #JustWondering #RandomThought

    It turns out none of these yellow little blobs are female.

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    Every main Minion has a stereotypical male name, including Bob, Kevin and Stuart.

    And Minions co-director Pierre Coffin has explained why.

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    Seeing how dumb and stupid they often are, I just couldn't imagine Minions being girls.
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    People aren't over the moon about the explanation.

    Well there you go.

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