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19 Things Everyone With A Stepfather Will Understand

You've definitely played the "you're not my real dad" card.

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1. You remember thinking "who the hell is this" when you first met them.

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2. And you couldn't believe your parent was actually dating someone and showing affection.


3. You probably thought he was totally lame.


4. And you most likely assumed he was also old and awkward.


5. You refused to call him Dad, even if he never actually asked you to.

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6. And you didn't know how to introduce him to your friends.


"This is my, um, mother's friend".

7. Your first family gathering with his side of the family was strange because you literally didn't know who anyone was.

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8. But you always expected presents.


Because your love can be bought.

9. You definitely played the "you're not my real dad" card way too many times.


10. And you never took anything he said seriously, especially if it was about getting grounded.


11. But you probably also acted really polite when you wanted something.

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"Can I get a ride to my friend's house please?"

12. Father's Day was always a little awkward because you didn't know if you should get him a card.

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13. And if you did get him a gift, you didn't put a lot of effort into it.

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14. But you eventually started to notice all of the little things he did for you.

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15. Like looking out for you and giving you advice.

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16. He probably even taught you a thing or two.

With mixed results.

17. But most of all, you really appreciate him being there for you and your family, even though no-one ever asked him to.


18. Because at the end of the day, he is a part of your family now.


19. And that makes you pretty grateful.