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17 Tributes To MX Newspaper On Its Last Day Of Publication

Farewell, Mx.

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The final edition of free commuter newspaper mX was printed and distributed today in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

FAREWELL mXers, you've served us well. Sneak preview of today's cover... #YOLO #FOMO and all that jazz...

News Corp confirmed the closure of the newspapers late last month.

Readers took to Twitter to share tributes and mark the end of an era.


Sad day to see @mX die today. I will miss you! :(


bye @mX. I'm gonna mXiss u 😢 had the best time with the crew even though I had to get up at 430am everyday! #hereslookingatyou


The only thing that I won't miss about the @mX finishing is the black ink all over my hands. Such a nice final edition too!


It's always a sad day when any paper ends... Here's looking at you @mX you will be missed


Can't believe mX will greet the #sydneycommunity for the final time @mX


@mX Thank You, You will be missed!

7. Some took the time to remember various sections, including Overheard and Here's Looking At You.

Farewell @mX, enjoyed a casual read over the years - from fake Monorail bids to horrifying @mXOverheard quotes - always a laugh. #aurevoir


I'm going to miss @mx's advocacy for better public transport but most of all I'll miss the overheard section cos of its lolz


I just realised the end of @mX means I'll probably never see the beautiful bearded guy who hands it out at Caulfield station ever again


Im going to miss @mX so much! Loved the puzzles and the vents never failed to make me laugh!

11. And some just wanted to say farewell.



Well played to everyone at @mX. What a fantastic publication over the years. Was a pleasure to spend a few weeks there as a news trainee


@mX please don't go I love you so! But srsly what is going to make me laugh and keep me entertained on the train now. You will be missed 😢😢


I might actually leave the house and go on a train purely to grab a copy of the last ever @mX.


I'll miss you @mX. You were my highlight of my evenings. You shall be dearly missed.


Peace be the journey, @mX magazine. You were a big part of my life in Sydney. 💛💙

Here's looking at you, Mx.

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