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19 Times Luke Hemmings Made You Fall For Him On Instagram

It's his 19th birthday today! Bask in his beauty.

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1. When he posed by this painting but you thought he was the real work of art.

2. When you didn't think all of this confetti was worthy of falling down on him.

3. When he looked A+ in a suit and you wished you were his date.

4. When he swapped his band T-shirts for a soccer uniform and you dreamt about cheering him on from the sidelines.

5. When he was belting out a tune and was basically the cutest creature to walk the earth.

6. When you REALLY wanted to switch places with this dog.

7. When he literally still looked adorable AF covered in green slime.

8. When he served up this pout and all you could think about was squishing his cheeks.

9. When he delivered this dreamy smile and basically touched your soul.

10. When he was rocking out on stage and you thought he looked like a true god.

11. When he gave you double the cuteness by posing with bandmate Ashton Irwin (who is also clearly a babe).

12. When he was super proud of his band and you were too.

13. When he was centre stage at a concert because he's clearly a star.

14. When he knew he looked fly and blessed you with this selfie.

15. When he made you damn thirsty by pulling this face.

16. When he showed off his trademark spiky hair while singing "She Looks So Perfect".

17. When he wore this beanie and you knew he was definitely the person you want to marry.

18. When he covered his face with a hat and you thought it was a crime to hide something so beautiful.

19. And when he looked like he was thinking really hard about something and made you want to hug him forever.