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    Hamish Blake Had The Sweetest Birthday Message For His Wife

    Marriage goals.

    Hamish Blake celebrated Zoë Foster Blake's birthday by sharing this sweet photo of her.

    And the caption will melt your cold, dead heart:

    "Happy birthday to my beautiful @zotheysay. I love everything about you but the top 2 that come to mind right now are that you close your eyes in almost every photo (but sunnies can hide it) and that you put your slice of birthday cake back in the fridge this morning saying 'I'll save that for later' and I just saw you quickly had a few more nibbles before leaving the house. You sir, are the best".

    Because she's fashionable AF, Zoë celebrated her day with this ridiculously beautiful cake.

    And she uploaded this cute image of herself, with the caption: "Also, Sonny got me a Ferrari".

    Hamish and Zoë have been married since 2012, and they welcomed their lil' boy Sonny back in 2014.

    It's pretty obvious they're the ultimate family. Honestly, just look at them.

    And you're lying if you think Sonny isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen in your whole damn life.

    Happy birthday Zoë. ❤️

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