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Jimmy Fallon Tried Vegemite For The First Time And Hated It

But badass Charlize Theron is totally fine with the Australian spread.

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On the latest edition of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and announcer Steve Higgins tried Vegemite for the first time.

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Steve went first and ventured into the unknown by taking a big bite of the salty spread.


But it didn't go down so well.


He decided "it's not for the American palate."

Fallon then tried a slice of the Australian spread for himself.


But that also didn't end too well and he was pretty much lost for words.


Yeah, nah, he's not a fan.

Actress and badass Charlize Theron later came along to save the day, revealing she's fine with it.


But even she had some complaints.


The bread is a huge factor tbh.

Vegemite was quick to address the taste test.

.@FallonTonight "Not for American palates" might become our new slogan ;) #FallonTonight @jimmyfallon