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    For Everyone Who Had A McDonald's Party As A Kid

    It was a simpler time.

    If you had a childhood, you probably had your birthday party at McDonald's, or you at least attended one there.

    Flickr / Via Flickr: dno1967b

    Before the party, you had to carefully select which friends you wanted to invite.


    Because your parents weren't made of money.

    After your selection process, you handed out those precious invitations in the playground.

    It was the most exciting time because it meant you could get a Happy Meal with friends.

    And back in the day, they actually had AMAZING Happy Meal toys, like these...

    ...and these...

    ...AND THESE!!!



    The giant play equipment gave you so much LIFE.

    It was truly a kingdom.

    And for some reason there was usually a creepy-ass statue of Ronald McDonald just chilling on a bench.

    Wikimedia / Via

    Wat you doin????????????

    But there was also that beautiful ice cream cake!!!

    Peters / Via


    You ate that damn cake like it was your last meal.

    Caitlin Jinks / Via BuzzFeed

    You also enjoyed the (slightly uncomfortable) party hats.

    And face painting.

    But most of all, you just had a great time with your sugar, fries, and friends.

    A+ party memories.


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