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    22 Surprising Things You Never Knew About "Geordie Shore"

    As told by cast members Gaz and Marty.

    We sat down with Geordie Shore stars Gary "Gaz" Beadle and Martin "Marty" McKenna to find out what really goes on behind the scenes.

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    Gaz has been on the show since it started in 2011, while Marty made his first appearance earlier this year. The two cast members divulged some secrets to us and things got interesting.

    1. There's a reason the opening credits are rarely updated.


    Gaz: Everyone on the original cast, that's our reaction to getting on the show, that's why they don’t change it because that's the original reaction.

    Marty: What, on camera? I got told over the phone.

    2. Anna is a business owner but she isn't actually the boss of the Geordies.


    Gaz: She’s not our boss in real life but you’ve got to have someone that's telling us what to do, why we're going places. She actually does Geordie Shore tours in real life.

    Marty: She's making a fortune. She's a baller.

    3. The cast don't get paid for the jobs they do.


    Gaz: That's just part of being there, you've just got to do it, they're horrible as well. In the first series I genuinely thought I was getting paid... I had no money, so I did four topless parties for Anna.

    4. They really do go out A LOT.


    Gaz: You can go to a club any night of the week in Newcastle and it'll have a minimum of 1000 people and it's open until 3-4am in the morning, every night, all year.

    5. Yes, they actually are as drunk as they seem on TV. It's not an act.


    Marty: Yeah, you're fucked.

    6. And it turns out they're not sick of clubbing and still do it regularly when they're not filming.


    Gaz: We went out last night, we'll go out tonight, we'll go out tomorrow night.

    7. The cast don't give a shit about having sex on TV, and forget they're even being filmed.


    Gaz: It doesn't feel like there are millions of people watching you live.

    8. There's actually A LOT of paperwork involved with bringing someone back to the house, and guests need to have their passport.


    Gaz: On TV you just see us grabbing a girl and going into the house but there's a good hour process when we go back to the house. If you see a girl in the club they've got to sign a form to go into your area and have a drink with you. If they go back to the house they've got to sign another form to say they're entering the house. They've got to have a passport, they can't just have their driver's license. They have to say on video, "my name is blah blah, I am now entering the Geordie Shore house, I know I'm getting filmed having sex".

    9. No one cleans the shag pad while they're living in the house, not even the cleaners.


    Marty: I slept in there once and woke up with a rash on my face, it was ill, I had a week left of filming with this red rash.

    Gaz: That's because you slept in my sick.

    10. The green screen reactions are all real reactions, they're just filmed hours, or sometimes weeks later.

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    Gaz: There are jobs with people called loggers, so everything we say is logged at the time.

    Marty: I hate when you think you didn't say something but you definitely did because it's all logged down. And you'll do green screen, say, three weeks after being pissed off at someone then you have to go back to being pissed off.

    11. Nothing is scripted.


    Gaz: The only thing they ever tell us what to do is where we're going. They'll tell you where you're going and if you haven't spoken about a big thing, then you've got to talk about it, but then you can say and do what you want.

    12. The Geordies are told in detail what to do every day.


    Gaz: If I wake up in the morning it's like, "Gaz get up and get ready, it's 9am and at 11am you and Marty are going go karting". Then they'll be like, "at 6pm you're going to pre-drinks, come back at 8pm and then you're all going out at 11pm to this club". So we don’t get to choose anything.

    13. They also have their personal phones confiscated and they don't have access to internet in the house, which means they're cut off from daily news.


    Marty: If it’s big news they’ll generally tell you.

    Gaz: It’s hard to shut yourself off from everything for like five weeks, you turn your phone on and it goes fucking berserk.

    14. They have their bank cards taken off them, so they have to ask to purchase things, including food.


    Marty: Everything is paid for.

    Gaz: But you've literally got to ask for something, like can I have some hair spray please?

    15. They get in trouble for fighting and can be fined a lot of money for hitting each other.


    Gaz: You're pissed out your head and you've got to try and remember to argue but not punch. Going back to series two, I punched Ricci and got fined $10,000. There are consequences. You can get sent home so you miss out on an episode, and you get verbal warnings.

    Marty: I've been on my last warning since my first day in the house.

    16. And when they smash stuff, they have to pay for it.


    Marty: I get fined for smashing a microphone every single series, I’ve done three series now, they're $2,000 as well.

    Gaz: I think Jay punched a wall in Cancun, he kicked a door and didn't realise the door was made out of Mayan wood, the only wood left from the forest of like, China. The door cost $12,000 and he punched a hole straight through it.

    17. Before everyone knew the show was going to be filled with sex and cursing, Gary's mum told everyone, including the neighbours, to tune in.


    Gaz: We didn't have a clue what it was so my mum was telling the neighbours, my Grandad and all that, "Gary is going to be on TV tonight!" I didn't know how it was going to be pulled together so I just went in and had fun but then they started putting the sex on TV and my mum was sitting there like, ugh. So it was a bit embarrassing.

    18. Gaz and Marty don't watch the show because they've lived it.


    Marty: There's no point, we're there so we know what's happening.

    Gaz: If you don't watch it then you don’t see what people say about you. If I don't know then I’m not angry.

    19. The camera crew is made up of about six people, which means there are usually a lot more people in the room than you're seeing on TV.


    Marty: You can still sit and have a conversation because we're all friends with the crew.

    Gaz: I've know the same cameraman since the day I started, it's all the same crew every time so we get to know them.

    20. Due to a barrier and security, tourists can’t visit the house in Newcastle, but the cast were swamped with fans outside their home in Australia.


    Gaz: In Australia there were hundreds of people outside the house every day trying to get in. We'd go to the beach and they'd follow. The police had to shut the road off in Sydney.

    21. When it comes to getting ready for a night out, Scott’s the worst offender for taking too damn long.


    Gaz: Scott's the worst. And the girls have a shower like once a week and they call it the big wash. They'll wash, but if they wash their hair and everything else, they call it the big wash.

    Marty: They're minging.

    22. But they really do feel like a family.


    Marty: When you're filming you do feel like a family because you're together for a month and a bit.

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