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    Some People Are Pissed That You Can Get Your Eyeballs Tattooed Now

    It's certainly one way to stand out.

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    The NSW government is facing criticism after making an amendment last Friday to health regulations, which brought the practice of eyeball tattooing under existing legislation and made it more accessible to the public.

    Self-proclaimed inventor of the procedure, Luna Cobra, warns on his website that "YES PEOPLE ARE NOW BLIND FROM EYEBALL TATTOOING".

    The inking process involves the lids being held open gently with the eye being poked by hand. Speaking to ABC News, one recipient said the operation was "really, really scary" and "feels like you've got a bit of sand in your eye, you feel like pressure and that's about it".

    NSW opposition Health Spokesperson Walt Secord condemned the regulation, calling the decision "a major stuff-up."

    "This is not like ear piercing, this has major health risks and the quality of the dye brings concerns of the possibility of cancer, but also there's the risk of blindness," he said.

    "It's a completely irresponsible practice and I have no idea why the Baird government would want to regulate or legalise this procedure.

    "I think the Baird government has its priorities wrong."

    A spokesperson for NSW Health said eyeball tattooing was being regulated so as to avoid unsanitary conditions and infection control.

    "In order to ensure that premises that carry out eyeball tattooing comply with the infection control provisions of the Public Health Act and Regulation, the Public Health Regulation was amended to include eyeball tattooing within the meaning of skin penetration procedures," they said.

    Illegal in two US states, the irreversible practice has been deemed dangerous, with eye specialists saying the procedure can cause inflammation and possible vision loss.

    NSW Health minister Jillian Skinner said that even though the procedure had been regulated for health concerns, there was still a possibility the practice might be banned.

    "I've sought advice as to whether there are any legitimate medical reasons for eyeball tattooing and if there are not then I will consider measures to ban the practice," she said.

    Some Aussies took to social media to share their bemusement, drawing comparison between the body modification and the controversial NSW lockout laws.

    Not a fan of tattoos but it's up to you if you want one. However, eyeball tattooing just seems way too dangerous to allow it.

    huge lockout law tradeoff. can't get into pubs after 1:30am BUT we will let you tattoo your eyeball

    eyeball tattooing was what they used in dark reign to keep track of who were the convicts. i'm not saying baird is with the imperium, but...

    And some people just don't understand it.

    Eyeball tattooing? The actual fuk? HAHAH

    Suspect people who want to get their eyeballs tattooed won't get too hung up by a law that suggests it's a bad idea.

    .@abcnews: "optometrists warn of the dangers of eyeball tattooing" look i hate the democratisation of expertise too but doc i knew this

    In 2014, multiple people suffered blindness and other vision issues as a result of the procedure.

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