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    This Mother Made The Cutest "Stranger Things" Costumes For Her Daughters

    That tiny Eggo though.

    Sydney resident Kelly Crawford has completely nailed the whole parenting thing by producing these adorable Stranger Things costumes.

    Her daughter Charlotte looks perfect as an Eggo-loving Eleven...

    ....and Abby looks amazing as a pint-sized Joyce Byers.

    Kelly told BuzzFeed that although her daughters haven't watched the show, they love cosplay and were into the idea.

    "My husband and I told them both that their characters were the good guys, and that they were brave."

    "When we told Charlotte that Eleven saves her friends with her powers but that it makes her nose bleed, she thought that was pretty awesome."

    It's safe to say these costumes are an 11 out of 10. 🙌