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"Twinkle Tush" Is Glittery Jewellery For Your Cat's Butthole

For the cat who has everything.

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Twinkle Tush sells a special little piece of jewellery to cover your cat's bum.

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You know, just incase you've ever been offended by your own animal's anus.

The glittery jewel is placed around the cat's tail to help ~pretty up~ their behind.

Twinkle Tush / Via

The website does have a strong warning visible about only cats being able to "handle this much bling".

Twinkle Tush / Via

There is also a section at the bottom of the page which states this is a "gag gift".

Twinkle Tush / Via

But it's still being advertised for sale at $5.99.

Twinkle Tush / Via

However, if you hit "add to cart" the page redirects you to another site.

What a time to be alive.

Twinkle Tush / Via