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    22 Secrets Porn Stars Will Never Tell You

    There's an art to faking an orgasm.

    To get a deeper insight into an often misunderstood industry, we spoke to American porn star Miley White.

    Miley started her porn career at 18 years old after having a fascination with the sex industry from an early age. She is currently based in Australia, where the industry is comparatively small, but growing.

    1. People rarely believe porn stars when they tell them what they do for a living.

    2. Orgasms are almost always fake.

    3. And new girls often have to be taught how to fake one.

    4. On most occasions "squirting" is also fake.

    5. A lot of porn stars get a second job out of boredom.

    6. There's A LOT of paperwork involved.

    7. It can get really cold on set.

    8. There are plenty of porn stars with degrees.

    9. A lot of female stars sell their underwear online.

    10. Costumes are REALLY expensive.

    11. Some post offices aren't too fond of porn stars.

    12. Yes, accidents can happen.

    13. Plenty of porn stars don't watch their own videos.

    14. Surprisingly enough, fans have great attention to detail.

    15. If it's that time of the month, women can still work thanks to sponges.

    16. In Australia, most porn production companies are owned by women.

    17. If a scene involves anal, stars will use a douche in that area before filming.

    18. It's not uncommon to date a co-star.

    19. STI tests are a regular thing.

    20. Fans do recognise stars in public.

    21. The use of viagra isn't encouraged.

    22. Finally, most porn stars are proud of what they do.