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22 Secrets Porn Stars Will Never Tell You

There's an art to faking an orgasm.

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To get a deeper insight into an often misunderstood industry, we spoke to American porn star Miley White.

Miley started her porn career at 18 years old after having a fascination with the sex industry from an early age. She is currently based in Australia, where the industry is comparatively small, but growing.

1. People rarely believe porn stars when they tell them what they do for a living.

ABC Family

"I once told someone what I do and they didn't believe me, so I told them I was a dolphin trainer instead and they believed it".

5. A lot of porn stars get a second job out of boredom.


"I sometimes only have to work once a week so it gives you a lot of free time. Some people are DJ's as well or just do whatever they like".

11. Some post offices aren't too fond of porn stars.

Columbia Pictures

"I'll go in the post office with my posters rolled up and some underwear or all these DVD's to send and the person behind the counter just hates dealing with it".

14. Surprisingly enough, fans have great attention to detail.

TriStar Pictures

"I released a video and one fan noticed a pizza box in the background and politely suggested I clean it up".

18. It's not uncommon to date a co-star.

"Sometimes it's easier because they understand your work. Asa Akira met her husband on set".

21. The use of viagra isn't encouraged.

Cartoon Network

"You can tell when a guy uses viagra because it makes his face really red which looks bad on camera, so directors don't like it".

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