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    40 "American Horror Story" Facts You Probably Didn't Know

    From a Murder House to a Freak Show, there's a whole lot you might not know.

    1. Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters and Frances Conroy are the only stars to appear in every season (so far).

    2. The Murder House building is actually a real home known as the Rosenheim Mansion.

    Hooked on Houses / Via

    The six bedroom, five bathroom house can be found in Los Angeles. In 2013 it was put on the market for $7.8 million.

    3. It's also been used in various other television shows, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Wikia / Via

    The Mansion is a popular film location and has briefly been used in shows such as Dexter and The X-Files. Most notably, the entire house was used as the Alpha Delta Frat house in Fear Itself, an episode from season four of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    4. The show's creators are also responsible for co-creating Glee.

    Fox / Via

    Creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk also co-created Glee aka a program which couldn't be anymore different from American Horror Story.

    But you can see some similarities between the two shows.

    FX / Via

    Ryan and Brad love to show off their Glee roots by throwing in a musical number or two ("The Name Game" anyone?).

    5. Evan Peters had to use lubricant to get into his Rubber Man costume.

    FX / Via

    Due to the tight material, Evan had to use lubricant to slip into his Rubber Man costume. He also split a lot of the latex suits during stunt scenes. I'm just going to leave you with that image.

    6. The Murder House dog is a superstar.

    FX / Via

    Hallie, the Harmon family dog from season one, also had a starring role in Suburgatory. Her real name is Lambchop and she was absent from a few American Horror Story episodes because of other filming commitments. Yes, a dog has a more successful TV career than most people.

    7. On One Tree Hill, Evan Peters dated the girl he murdered as Tate Langdon

    The CW

    On the drama program, Evan played the love interest of Ashley Rickards' character. Later, in American Horror Story, he starred as Tate, the teenager who murdered Ashley's character, Chloe, during the Westfield High massacre.

    ...And some people can't let it go

    FX / Via

    Also, several of the Westfield High victims share the same surnames of members from the 1986 Boston Red Sox.

    8. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka were meant to play the gay couple in Murder House.

    OWN / Via

    The pair turned down the role because they'd already played a couple who hated each other in A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. Thankfully the duo are set to appear in Freak Show.

    9. The credit font is Chelsea Studio by David F. Nalle.

    Caitlin Joan / Via Caitlin Joan

    10. Evan Peters got into acting so he could meet the Olsen twins.

    FX / Via

    Back when he was 15, all little Evan wanted to do was meet Mary-Kate and Ashley. It's safe to say he's achieved a little more than that.

    11. The Asylum was actually a courthouse.

    FX / Via

    In the past, Briarcliff Manor was actually a courthouse, but now stands as a museum. It's located in Orange County, California and admission is free if you're ever in the area.

    12. It takes almost three hours for actress Naomi Grossman to get into her Pepper makeup.


    She also had to shave her head for the role, which was originally listed as "possibly malformed."

    13. For her scenes as Shelley, actress Chloe Sevigny had to be wheeled around in a wheelchair.

    FX / Via

    Chloe's terrifying scenes as a mutated patient required her to have prosthetic pieces which made it hard to straighten her legs. The solution was to wheel her around in a wheelchair between scenes.

    14. Evan Peters flashed his co-stars during a shower scene.

    FX / Via

    While getting hosed down on the set of Asylum, Evan accidentally flashed Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange his balls. This snippet of information was also an excuse to use this gif. You're welcome.

    15. Asylum stars James Cromwell and Frances Conroy previously played lovers on Six Feet Under.

    Broadway World / Via

    In something reminiscent of Asylum, James' character on Six Feet Under underwent electroconvulsive therapy.

    16. James Cromwell's son, John, played the young version of him in a flashback scene for Asylum

    FX / Via


    17. Alma and Kit Walker were inspired by a real couple.

    FX / Via

    Alma and Kit were inspired by Betty and Barney Hill, a famous interracial couple who claimed they were abducted by aliens in the 60's. They provided one of the first widely publicised abduction stories which spawned a book and a movie.

    18. Zachary Quinto regularly played banjo on set.

    FX / Via

    Because of the creepy atmosphere on Asylum, Zachary started playing the banjo. Between shots he would sit in the corner and strum away, which left his co-workers feeling relaxed.

    19. You can stay at Miss Robichaux's Academy.

    FX / Via

    Miss Robichaux's Academy in New Orleans is actually known as Buckner Mansion and was previously a business school. It's now privately owned and you can start your own Coven by renting it out. But at almost $5000 per night, it's not the cheapest option.

    20. Evan Peters and Emma Roberts are engaged (and have a rocky history).

    FX / Via

    It's heartbreaking to know Evan is off the market, but alas, he is. He got engaged to Emma in 2013. Their relationship already has somewhat of a reputation after Emma was arrested for giving Evan a bloody nose last year.

    21. Emma Roberts pulled out of Spring Breakers because of a threesome (but went ahead and had one on Coven)

    FX / Via

    Emma, who is the niece of Julia Roberts, was originally meant to star in the 2012 flick Spring Breakers. She signed on to play Ashley Benson's character but pulled out due to 'creative differences' (aka the threesome which involved James Franco, among other raunchy scenes). However the actress went ahead and starred in an implied threesome with fiance Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga during Coven.

    22. While in character as Spalding, Denis O'Hare refused to speak.

    FX / Via

    On set he remained in character as the butler without a tongue, which stopped him from speaking to anyone.

    23. Connie Britton wanted to appear in Coven.

    FX / Via

    The Murder House star was totally down for making an appearance as a witch bitch on Coven. But it looks like her commitments to popular program Nashville prevented that from happening.

    24. Madison Montgomery had a sex scene with Spalding.

    FX / Via

    Originally, Hollywood starlet and reigning sass queen Madison had a bizarre sex scene with Spalding. The scene saw Madison confront Spalding about him keeping her as a doll. The conversation ended up with them sleeping together in a room full of creepy ass dollies. The scene was filmed but cut from the seventh episode of Coven.

    25. The Supreme was given away in the opening credits.

    FX / Via FX

    Sarah Paulson's name card in the opening credits featured an image of Santa Muerte, who is known as the Lady of the Seven Powers (the Supreme must be able to perform the Seven Wonders). So basically, the answer to the next Supreme was sneakily in front of everyone all along and the internet quickly caught onto it. Users on Tumblr and Reddit predicted the Supreme well in advance.

    26. The Axeman was real.

    FX / Via

    The Axeman of New Orleans was a real serial killer who, you guessed it, attacked his victims with an axe. He was active from May 1918 to October 1919. The letter Danny Huston's character types during The Axeman Cometh is the same letter the real Axeman penned back in 1919, asking people to play jazz or 'get the axe.'

    27. There's a long-running rumour that Stevie Nicks is a witch.

    FX / Via

    Her appearance on Coven was a nod to the persistent witch rumor.

    28. Meep is actually a pre-school teacher.

    FX / Via

    In real life Ben Woolf, the man who plays Meep, is a preschool teacher. Here's hoping his students don't watch the show.

    29. And he also played Thaddeus Montgomery in Murder House.

    FX / Via

    Ben was the man behind Thaddeus Montgomery (aka Infantata), the deceased son of Charles and Nora Montgomery.

    30. Almost all of the performers are inspired by real "freaks."

    FX / Via

    Freak Show draws inspiration from past performers, including Fred Wilson (Lobster Boy), Annie Jones (the Bearded Lady) and Schlitzie (the Pinhead). Even Twisty is similar to John Wayne Gacy, the infamous "killer clown."

    31. Jyoti Amge aka Ma Petite is a deity.

    FX / Via

    In her homeland of India, Jyoti is believed to be a deity. The 20-year-old is also the world's smallest living woman.

    32. Legless Suzi defied all odds by giving birth to two children.

    FX / Via

    Rose Siggins, who portrays Suzi, shocked medical professionals by giving birth to two children on two separate occassions. Luckily her first child grew transverse, which allowed for an easy pregnancy. The children, a son and daughter, often visit the Freak Show set.

    33. It takes almost 15 hours to film scenes with Bette and Dot.

    FX / Via

    It takes a combination of visual effects, a puppet head and a corset with an awkward green rod to achieve the appearance of two heads.

    34. Erika Ervin originally auditioned for the part of Amazon Eve as a man.

    FX / Via

    Transgender actress Erika slicked back her hair and bound her breasts for the Amazon Eve audition. Unsurprisingly, she nailed it. She's also a successful model and has even appeared in Harpers Bazaar alongside fellow American Horror Story star, Gabourey Sidibe.

    35. Kathy Bates talks in her Baltimore accent even when she's off set.

    FX / Via

    Because the accent is so difficult, Kathy continues to use it off set so she won't lose it. To pick up the accent she listened to interviews and used a “Baltimorese” website.

    36. Professional clowns are angry about Twisty.


    Real clowns, who make a living from their appearances, think Twisty contributes to 'clown fear,' and don't support the portrayal of him at all. To be fair, Twisty doesn't exactly make anyone jump for joy.

    37. The show uses scores from famous horror films.

    FX / Via

    If you listen, you'll be able to hear music from certain horror movies, including tracks from Psycho, What Lies Beneath and Carrie.

    38. There's a spin off coming titled American Crime Story.

    YouTube / Via

    Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have another project coming, known as American Crime Story. The anthology series will focus on real crime stories, with the first being the O.J Simpson trial. If that wasn't enough, they're also casting for Scream Queens, a comedy/horror series.

    39. Jessica Lange won't be returning for season five.

    FX / Via

    In crushing news, the American Horror Story veteran told Buzzfeed season four would be her last. What will become of the world?

    40. Every season of American Horror Story is connected

    FX / Via

    Ryan Murphy recently announced every season is connected. Lily Rabe's upcoming return as Sister Mary Eunice in Freak Show is the first unveiling of the connectedness. She will be coming back for Pepper, who was also on Asylum.

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