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35 Signs You Grew Up In Broken Hill

Welcome to the outback.

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1. You're tired of people asking you where Broken Hill is

Google Maps / Via

For the record, it's in the middle of nowhere. But if you want to get technical, it's in the far west of outback New South Wales, Australia.

9. You know how beautiful the sculptures are / Via

16. Before realising it was the Miners Memorial, you thought this was just a brown version of the Opera House / Via

18. You've been to Silverton, A LOT / Via

Even though there's really not much to do there, at all.

20. Bells Milk Bar has provided you with MANY milkshakes / Via

23. You're used to seeing copious amounts of red dirt / Via

24. There's a movie about the place, but you probably haven't watched it / Via

And why would you when you're living it?

26. Lapping around Argent Street is something you've definitely done / Via

Don't lie, you secretly enjoy it.

29. You've seen your fair share of these bad boys / Via

30. ...And don't forget these guys / Via

But when you usually see them, they're dead on the side of the road. Sorry about that, lizard friends.

31. You're still impressed by the sunsets / Via

33. It will never have the appeal of a big city, but you kind of like it that way / Via
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