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23 Times Hugh Jackman's Dog Was Unbearably Cute

Meet Hugh's dog, Dali. He's too cute to handle.

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1. When he playfully posed underneath Hugh's chin. / Via

What a nice chin.

3. When he decided to try yoga. / Via

4. When he lovingly looked into Hugh's eyes. / Via

5. When he posed for not one, but two snaps. / Via

6. When he enjoyed some belly rubs. / Via

7. When he enjoyed even MORE belly rubs. / Via

8. When he let Hugh awkwardly hold him. / Via

9. When he delivered this sly smile. / Via

Yes, dogs can smile.

10. When he attended important meetings. / Via

11. When he showed off his sassy walk. / Via

12. When he looked slightly scared but played along anyway. / Via

Just go with it.

13. When he proved how photogenic he is. / Via

14. When he licked Hugh's face. / Via

Wouldn't you?

15. When he attempted to eat a tree. / Via

16. When he smothered Hugh with kisses. / Via


17. When he gave his best Blue Steel pose. / Via

There's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

18. When he produced this extreme close-up. / Via

19. When he showed his appreciation for Hugh's handwritten sign. / Via

"Coffee is one of the greatest inventions" - Hugh Jackman

20. When he agreed to pose for an awkward photo. / Via

21. When this happened. / Via

"Weird pump thing" is definitely the technical term.

22. When he matched Hugh's smile. / Via

23. And finally, when he was the most beautiful dog on Instagram. / Via


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