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21 Times Caitlin Stasey Was A Total Badass

It's her birthday today! So celebrate her badassness.

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1. When she DGAF if people saw her beauty routine.

2. When she realised D.W. Read is her doppelgänger and totally embraced it.

3. When she dropped this truth bomb.

Because of the way society & the media treats female breasts, young women spend their whole lives believing that theirs are abnormal

4. When she drew this wonderful sloth masterpiece.

5. And this really great walrus.

6. When she launched, a feminist website designed to empower women.

7. When she opened up about why she's an actress.

Why do I usually take acting jobs? Because no one trusts me to me to babysit, I dropped out of high school and I REALLY love truffles.

8. When she showed her support for the Free the Nipple movement.

9. When old photographs confirmed she's been sassy since childhood.

10. When she criticised Perez Hilton for posting allegedly leaked photos of celebrities.

@PerezHilton I mean as long as you apologize after perpetuating a sex crime & attempting to profit from it, all's well the ends well?

11. When she was totally lovable on Please Like Me.

12. When she showed her appreciation for the beautiful costumes on Reign.

13. When she reminded people how much photoshop is used in images.

14. When she called out sexism in entertainment.

I ❤️ buddy comedies,truly,but fuck any frm now on tht only incorporate women as the girlfriend/wife.Shouldnt b a chore 2 use women in comedy

15. When she channelled her inner Mario.

16. When she gave this valuable piece of advice.

17. When she delivered this important message.


18. When she surrounded herself with animals because they're adorable.

19. When she encouraged women to support each other.

Women, let us treat each other with love and not tear one another down for reasons physical or material. Be living examples of tolerance

20. When she challenged Uber.

21. And finally, when she was simply herself: a total badass.