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17 Times Tom Felton Melted Your Heart On Instagram

Draco Malfoy is everything.

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1. When he showed his appreciation for this pickup line. / Via

2. When he praised a fan for their Quidditch-themed shirt. / Via

3. When he posed with his adorable dog. / Via


4. When he shared this moment with the unbelievably cute Ed Sheeran. / Via

5. When he gave props to a Starbucks employee for this cup. / Via

6. When he posed with his chocolate Labrador, yet again. / Via

7. And one more time, just for good measure. / Via

You can just feel the love.

8. When he travelled back to Hogwarts. / Via

9. When he stared at you with his piercing blue eyes. / Via


10. When he was really focused on this book. / Via

11. When he smiled amongst these terrifying box creatures. / Via

I don't really know what's going on here.

12. When he enjoyed a fist bump with this cute fan. / Via

13. When he did the Ice Bucket Challenge in a white T-shirt. / Via

This is very important.

14. When he shared this throwback snap and wished every muggle a Merry Christmas. / Via

15. When he looked dapper in a cardigan. / Via

17. And lastly, when he made you tear up over this incredibly moving photograph. / Via

The caption reads:

"I met this boy 13 years ago when he came to visit the Harry Potter set as a make a wish child. He was very ill with not long to live. A few months ago he came to see me in Calgary to give me this picture and told me he's now attending film school and is back to full health. Happy days. #MagicIsReal"

Keep doing you Tom, keep doing you.

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