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    13 Terrifying Potential "American Horror Story" Themes

    After Murder House, Asylum, Coven and Freak Show, what could possibly be next? LET'S SEE.

    1. Theme: Summer Camp

    English Russia / Via

    Standout character: A twisted camp counselor who has a few skeletons in his closet (preferably played by Evan Peters, because Evan Peters)

    Plot: What could be hiding away in the woods, the water or beneath the cabins? There's just a world of possibilities with this theme. Picture Friday The 13th but even more twisted. Plus children in general are terrifying, so there's always that.

    2. Theme: Haunted Farm

    Pumpkin Rot / Via

    Standout character: A possessed scarecrow that's out for blood

    Plot: What could possibly go wrong with a nice little family on a nice little farm? Spoiler: EVERYTHING. Farms are big, isolated and just plain scary. This theme also has the advantage of dealing with real world horror, considering the struggles farmers have to regularly deal with.

    3. Theme: Hospital

    Percolated Paradox / Via

    Standout character: A disgraced surgeon who still lurks the halls, looking for his next patient

    Plot: Hospitals are generally pretty creepy places, so you'd just have to throw in a few twisted nurses, unusual patients and demonic doctors for this to work. This season would centre around a graduate nurse who lands a job at a hospital, but soon finds herself wrapped in a world of terror. SPOOKY.

    4. Theme: Ghost town

    Station Wagon Forums / Via

    Standout character: A Mayor who is hell bent on keeping his precious town alive and away from intruders

    Plot: Centralia, Pennsylvania is a near ghost town which is best known as the 'real Silent Hill.' In 1962 a fire spread throughout the coal mines beneath the town, creating an underground inferno that still burns today. Although Centralia was stripped of its postal code several years ago, a handful of people still live there. Township would follow the fictional story of the residents who are trying to keep tourists out. Plus, you know, other scary stuff.

    5. Theme: Prison

    US News / Via

    Standout character: George 'Machine Gun' Kelly, one of the most famous 'gangsters' from the prohibition era who spent seventeen years in Alcatraz as an inmate

    Plot: Admittedly this could be similar to Asylum, given the isolation. But a lot of the residents at the Asylum were innocent whereas the prisoners here would all be certified criminals. The history in this place is undeniable which means the story basically writes itself.

    6. Theme: Pageant Queens

    Ridiculously interesting / Via

    Standout character: An ageing beauty queen obsessed with the idea of youth and immortality

    Plot: Have you seen Toddlers And Tiaras? That shit is horrifying. Picture that, but with adults. Living Dolls would see an array of fierce beauty queens battle it out for the crown, taking down who ever and what ever gets in their way. It would have the same amount of sassiness as Coven but with more make-up, primped hair and cut-throat scenes.

    7. Theme: Roswell/Area 51

    DiscloseTV / Via

    Standout character: An innocent shop owner from Roswell, New Mexico who becomes curious about some unusual activity in the area

    Plot: American Horror Story dabbled with the idea of aliens in Asylum, so why not visit the idea in depth? Set in the late forties, this season would be an amped up version of teen drama Roswell, but without the annoyance of Katherine Heigl.

    8. Theme: Orphanage

    Daan Oude Elferink / Via Flickr: daanoe

    Standout character: A cruel head mistress who was never able to conceive her own child, so she inflicts her misery upon others

    Plot: What if the orphanage in Annie was filled with blood thirsty kids instead of cute little songbirds? There's also nothing more horrendous than a child not being able to find their own family, so there's also that real world component. And, as mentioned before, children are TERRIFYING.

    9. Theme: Funeral Home

    Andre Govia / Via Flickr: andregovia

    Standout character: A middle aged undertaker who dabbles in necrophilia (I know, I'm sorry, it's not a nice image, but it's American Horror Story we're dealing with)

    Plot: Funeral homes are both incredibly interesting and morbid, creating the perfect setting for a potential new season. Because of her ties with Six Feet Under, American Horror Story alumni France Conroy might have to sit this one out. Or she could pay homage to her old character in this twisted tale of corpses, grief and embalming.

    10. Theme: Winchester House

    Geek Tyrant / Via

    Standout character: Sarah Winchester, the eccentric widow who built a seven story mansion after the passing of her daughter and husband

    Plot: If American Horror Story was ever to re-visit the Murder House theme, this house would be the ideal location. The Winchester House in San Jose, California is riddled with mystery. Sarah Winchester believed her family and fortune were being haunted by spirits killed by Winchester rifles, so she built a monstrosity of a house to appease them. Fast forward to present day, pop a poor family in there and bang, you've got a new Murder House. Isn't horror fun?

    11. Theme: Old Hollywood

    Detroit Theater Organ Society / Via

    Standout character: A possessed ventriloquist dummy that belongs to a famed director

    Plot: Madison Montgomery gave us a brief taste of Hollywood in Coven, so it seems appropriate to delve deeper into that world. Golden Age would take audiences back to a time when American cinema was in its prime. Sarah Paulson would make a beautiful, yet deadly screen queen who is willing to do whatever it takes to stay on top. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk also co-created Glee, so you know there would be some great dance numbers amongst all of the blood, glitter and gore.

    12. Theme: Amusement Park

    Tofugu / Via

    Standout character: A ticket taker who is always around when unfortunate situations occur

    Plot: An abandoned theme park is renovated and re-opened just in time for summer. What fun! But it turns out the reason the park was abandoned in the first place was due to a string of mysterious deaths. Not so fun. For some reason it seems like a good idea to set this in the eighties, mostly for the great costumes and big hair. Death by rubik's cube, anyone?

    13. Theme: Haunted Hotel

    Jonatan Kronqvist / Via

    Standout character: A bell boy who uses secret passageways and peepholes to spy on occupants

    Plot: There's a reason hotels are regularly used in horror movies. It's because they're damn creepy. Who knows what kind of person was in the room before you and what the hell they were up to. Imagine The Shining but with more gore and less freaky twins.

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