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5 Awesome Websites For Awesome People

They're Awesome, You're Awesome.

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1. Hyperbole and a Half


Hyperbole and a Half is a combination of web comic and blog written by Allie Brosh. The comic is drawn in Paintbrush and is intentionally artistically crude. It is a retelling of her life, and includes stories from her childhood as well as the challenges she faces as an adult. Brosh has also expanded the comic into a series of web videos in a similar style, which have been popular.

2. Cyanide and Happiness


Cyanide & Happiness is a webcomic written and illustrated by Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin and Dave McElfatrick. The cartoonists regularly make jokes on controversial topics including abortion, suicide, and AIDS.

4. Emergency Compliment


If you're feeling a little down or not as motivated as you like, hit up Emergency Compliment for a quick motivational boost. It may not solve the problem you're facing, but it'll definitely help you feel better about yourself.

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