16 Fictional Places You Always Wanted To Visit

Take me now!

1. Hogwarts.


2. The Shire.

Because I had to.

3. Pallet Town

Where your Pokemon journey awaits!

4. Pizza Planet

Who doesn’t want to play video games, win cool toys, and eat pizza all night in a space themed arena?

5. Neverland

You can fly! And you’ll never have to grow up.

6. Narnia

Because…it’s f*@#ing Narnia.

7. El Dorado

It’s the city of GOLD.

8. Elsa’s Frozen Castle

Would be STUNNING.

9. Avatar’s Pandora

Also had to add this one…I had to, ok?!

10. Atlantis

The wondrous underwater city.

11. Hyrule Castle from Zelda

Have you ever played this game and NOT wanted to be there?

12. Oz

Maybe you’ll see a horse of a different color!

13. Pemberley from Pride and Prejudice

Because that’s where Mr. Darcy is.

14. The Forest Moon of Endor where the Ewoks live in Star Wars

Cute little teddy bear inhabited forests? I think yes!

15. Ice Cream Mountain from Rugrats

Angelica’s favorite place…sticky, yet delicious.

16. Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders

Just don’t touch anything!

Vacation, anyone?

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