10 Awesome Quotes From Fictional Characters


1. What the problem really is.

Our good ol’ Captain Jack

2. Believing in Yourself.

The chosen one’s piece of advice.

3. Living in the Moment.

From your friendly neighborhood serial killer, Dexter.

4. Kindness really does go far.

From the Grey Wanderer, Gandalf.

5. Hopelessly Romantic.

Where is MY Mr. Darcy?

6. Never give up.

From the best swordsman in all the seven kingdoms.

7. Goodbyes are not forever.

I wish I had a Godfather like him…

8. Strength.

The Girl Forever on Fire, Katniss Everdeen.

9. Looking to the bright side.

Samwise Gamgee. Everyone’s best friend.

10. What is fear, really?

Of course the greatest wizard of all time would have a meaningful quote (or ten) to give us. Ladies and gentlemen, Albus Dumbledore.

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