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11 Hilary Duff Songs You Probably Forgot About

But you need to definitely listen to RIGHT NOW.

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After teasing the track a few days ago, Hilary Duff has dropped the full version of her song "Sparks", co-written by Tove Lo.

Naturally, I was sent into a nostalgic state of trying to remember my favorite Hilary Duff tracks from, you know, middle school. Also known as the 11 Hilary Duff songs you've totally danced to in your room but may have forgotten existed.

1. "Come Clean"

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The 2004 jam that actually made you fantasize about running outside in the pouring rain with it blasting from your CD player. Just me?

2. "Why Not"

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If you didn't do a (literal) lyrical routine to this song, you're lying. "Why not do a crazy dance?" was some of my finer dancing inspiration.

3. "Wake Up"

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Oh, yeah, hello, this went right along with some eighth grade Good Charlotte and Simple Plan. Ah, so angsty.

4. "So Yesterday"

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Independent ladies, ay! Always imagined this as a dancing on the beach track, maybe lounging in some nice beach grass. Just being 11 and overly emotional, you know.

5. "Stranger"

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This one has the Britney infusion and the mysterious element that just makes you ready to go through the halls of your school like a BOSS.

6. "Beat of My Heart"

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The perfect soundtrack for the summer before eighth grade when you're planning to come back all cool and independent and mature.

7. "This Is What Dreams Are Made Of"

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Technically Lizzie McGuire but whatever. This one may have recently made a reappearance during my senior year of college. If we all sang it on a balcony, sorry, screeched it, no one needs to know.

8. "I Am"

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Ah--The inspiring tune I printed the lyrics out for and made the cover of my binder. Little self-love anthem we all needed around seventh grade.

9. "Where Did I Go Right"

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I have vivid memories of listening to this in the back of my parents car as we drove to the beach. Obviously I was lip-syncing it like I was starring in the music video.

10. "The Getaway"

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I wanted nothing more than to drive through a city blasting this and be all cool and independent. Unfortunately, I was only 12 at the time.

11. "Sweet Sixteen"

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The middle school equivalent of "22" from Taylor Swift. We all just wanted to be 16 for the pure fact of making this song our anthem.

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