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21 Things You Find Out When You Do Freelance Work

It's not technically unemployment, right?

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1. It will be hard to wake up sometimes. / Via Tumblr

It's really hard to motivate yourself to when you have nowhere to be. (That sounds way darker than it actually is).

2. Sometime you'll book a last minute gig and your sleep schedule will be destroyed. / Via Tumblr

3. You might realize you've started to casually use the term "gig." / Via ReplyGif

Cue pangs of self-judgment.

4. You'll become familiar with a great work environment. / Via Tumblr

5. Time will somehow start moving something like this. / Via Tumblr

And you'll forget what day of the week it is consistently. Time begins to lose meaning.

6. People will just assume you're always available. To do whatever favor they need. / Via Tumblr

Since you don't have a 9 to 5, you must not be busy, right?

7. Your friends with salaried jobs will start looking like this to you. / Via Tumblr

8. There will be days when searching for gigs is literally all you do. / Via Tumblr

Apply to them. All of them.

9. You will hit a job drought. Days/weeks/months where you don't get anything. / Via Tumblr

And your job drought will be stressful.

10. When you're in a job drought, grocery shopping will be very painful. / Via Imgur

11. And socializing will feel a little like this. / Via Tumblr

12. Then you'll hear back from one of the dozens of gigs you applied to. / Via Tumblr

And you'll follow-up to the email/call literally immediately.

13. And when you get a gig, you will feel amazing. / Via Tumblr

Yay, you can pay rent AND buy good groceries this month!

14. This emotional-financial-employment cycle will repeat itself for a while. / Via Tumblr

Job drought, no job drought, job drought, no job drought.

15. You will probably question your decision to freelance.

(Back to back Britney gifs? Wow!)

16. But you should listen to Betty White's wisdom. / Via Tumblr

Give it time.

17. Eventually you'll develop confidence when sending your reel/portfolio/resume/etc. / Via Tumblr

Mostly because you apply to so many jobs. Applying to jobs is what you're good at.

18. At some point, you'll get a few gigs in a row. / Via Tumblr

19. And you'll meet people who want to hire you on other gigs.

20. Eventually you'll gain a resemblance of consistency.

21. Finally shower yourself in imaginary confetti and stay on the grind.

You got this.

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