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13 Reasons Tom Hanks Is The Best

He's like America's collective favorite uncle (if we all had an Oscar-winning, very funny uncle whose films have grossed over $4.2 billion worldwide).

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Let's get started. / Via Tumblr

Tom tells top-notch dad jokes.

And he tells them often.

Oh, Tom. / Via Imgur

Oh, Tom.

He has a dorky, but endearing, collection of typewriters.

He posed like this with a fan. / Via Imgur

He's the life of the party. / Via Instagram

Weirdly, courtesy of Justin Bieber.

And autographed a Toy Story cover like this. / Via Tumblr

He gives honest facial hair advice.

You tell 'em, Tom. / Via Reddit

You tell 'em, Tom.

He's supportive. / Via Tumblr

This is when his Captain Phillips co-star (and first time actor) Barkhad Abdi won a BAFTA.

Super supportive. / Via Tumblr.

Also from Barkhad's BAFTA win.

He loves reality TV.

And can wax poetic about Storage Wars. / Via The AV Club

And can wax poetic about Storage Wars.

According to this Humans of New York post, Tom is super nice. / Via Instagram

He has an absurdly impressive filmography.

Via Google

He stopped on a red carpet to take photos of Rita Wilson (his wife, duh).

Aww. / Via Tumblr


Tom Hanks really is the best. / Via Giphy

(But should take his own mustache advice).

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