The Truth About All-Girl Catholic Schools

Because we are a bit different than your average woman.

1. What the public school system thinks we wear…

2. What we actually wear.

3. Everyone assumes our reaction to the male sex will be this…

5. When in actuality, we kinda get like this…

6. And a little bit of this.

7. When it comes to political issues, like gay marriage, people think our response is this:

8. When its really more like this. After all, we go to an ALL-GIRL school.

9. The first time we venture into a bar in undergrad, and everyone is dancing like this:

10. At first we’re like:

11. But then we join in and we’re like:

12. What we absolutely consider every time we go shopping:

13. You would think we know how to acknowledge our friends when we see them in the hallways or outside of school…

14. …but we don’t.

15. When it comes to make up and hair, let’s just say neither is a top priority.

16. We’re more excited about food. Any food.

17. It takes us a while to understand proper etiquette in the real world, and we’re often told this:

18. The first time we’re asked out on a real date, and not set up on a blind date, we get a little too excited.

19. When someone finds out we attended an all-girl Catholic school, a game of 20 Questions starts. And we feel like this:

20. So go ahead and ask us those 20 questions—just think them through first, please.

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