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    • caddyforzamotorsport

      Omfg this constant fucking stupid ass bickering. I am fucking SICK of this stupid shit, I hate this argument and I forever will. The government fucking apologises for something our ancestors did, without asking anyone else their opinion on the matter, then on top of that I cannot go onto the street without being called a white cunt by some aboriginal that thinks they are better than everyone else.
      We are made out to be the racist ones, but the aboriginals are the most racist, selfish ignorant pieces of trash on this fucking planet. They do not deserve to be given leniency because of their skin color.
      (Aboriginal kids do not have to go to school, and the truancy laws are not enforced at all on aboriginals.)
      They do not deserve to be given special rights.
      (Given multi-billion dollar pieces of property because their “ancestors” owned it. Hell, my ancestors owned fucking England at one stage, wheres my fucking land?)
      I know several fucking aboriginal families that absolutely fuck over the system, the kids never have to go to school, their bills are paid by the government, they pay no fucking rent and have $50,000 cars, and your asking for MORE? What the FUCK.  You guys are right, this country is biased. TO THE BLACK MAN.

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