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    Why You Need To Add "Love Island USA" To Your Streaming List (If It's Not On Your List Already)

    Team Zimmy 4L!

    As the summer winds down and the days seem to get shorter, the only thing I look forward to is reality TV. This season of Love Island USA was filled with drama, romance, and more drama!

    If you missed this season and are planning on watching it, *SPOILER ALERT*! But if it was never on your radar, here are some reasons why it should be.

    1. Diversity

    The islanders couple up for the first time

    2. Chivalry

    3. Live-tweeting

    Kat and Jared are literally giving Pinterest-wattpad couple they’re so HOT #LoveIslandUSA


    Like with any franchise, viewers give their two cents on the series. It's a must to see what everyone is saying, and one thing about Love Island viewers, they all stand in similar opinions. They call it as they see it!

    Like Sydney girl, what were you thinking taking Isiah back? Or we can be sure that Love Island doesn't need to welcome any more brother-sister twin duos, mhm Chazz with two z's and Bria.

    4. Iain Stirling

    5. Drama, drama, and more DRAMA!

    6. Games

    Mackenzie and Chad holding cut-out heads on another couple

    7. Realness

    8. Vote!

    Love Island USA App

    9. The repeat fits, over and over again.

    10. And, of course, the bonds and friendships.

    What are your favorite parts of Love Island USA? Lemme know in the comments below.