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Empowering Movies And TV Shows To Watch That Celebrate Juneteenth

These are just some of the many.

With Juneteenth just around the corner, let's remember the real reason for the federal holiday, the emancipation of African-American enslaved peoples. June 19 is a day in history that shouldn't be forgotten, which is why so many sitcoms and movies remind us how important it is to see Black excellence on our screens.

1. Black-ish

The Johnsons during the Juneteenth episode

2. Atlanta

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FX Productions / Via youtube.com

In Atlanta's first season, a special tribute for Juneteenth included a range of events from Earn and Van showing up to a party hosted by wealthy people and meeting some odd humans, not to mention the Black host's white husband greeting the pretend couple by saying "Happy Freedom Day" and attempting a handshake.  

3. Miss Juneteenth

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Sailor Bear / Via youtube.com

Miss Juneteenth follows a single mother entering her rebellious daughter in the Miss Juneteenth pageant with the hopes that the 15-year-old will follow in her footsteps, disregarding her daughter's total lack of enthusiasm for participation. 

4. Dear White People

Students gathering for their next idea in the black student common area

5. Sherman's Showcase

The host traveling back in time recognizing Black History Month

6. Black Panther

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Marvel Studios / Via youtube.com

T'Challa returns home to Wakanda in Africa to help his country after his father's death. Though his title is challenged by outside influences, the Marvel movie pays tribute to Black excellence by showing there's more to the country, there's modernity, money, and technology all run by Black people. 

7. Girlfriends

Girlfriends in the opening credit

8. High on the Hog

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Netflix Studios

If you're into tasty eats, then High on the Hog may be the show for you with its spin on African American cuisine. The show takes a look at African chefs and how they influence the nation of taste. Titled "Freedom," the episode celebrates Juneteenth and takes to Texas where it all started. 

9. All American

10. Insecure

11. Black is King by Beyoncé

12. Hidden Figures

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20th Century Studios

Hidden Figures is a great movie to watch for Juneteenth, celebrating Black women's empowerment. Three brilliant African-American women are the brains behind the launch of astronaut John Glenn into space. Something the textbooks try hard to erase. 

13. Grown-ish

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Khalabo Ink Society

Zoey is Grown-ish just a little. She takes on Cal U with her friends and learns what it's like to be on your own. Like Black-ish, the show pays tribute to Black History Month and Juneteenth by addressing the protests around the world caused by social injustice. The "A Boy is a Gun" episode mimics the moment Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed in a morning jog, this time Grown-ish's Doug jogs in the morning, though he isn't the one that is shot. 

14. #BlackAF

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Khalabo Ink Society

In the episode, "Still...because of slavery" ahead of preparation for a Juneteenth party, Kenya struggles with parenting. While navigating relationships and his family, the creator of Black-ish takes the lead in the new Netflix series. 

15. Judas and the Black Messiah

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Warner Bros. Pictures

An award-winning film about a Black man caught up in legal troubles making a deal with the devil, aka the FBI, to infiltrate the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party and get a lead on the chairman. 

16. Madea's Diary of a Black Woman

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Tyler Perry Studios

A married Black woman gets tossed to the corner after her husband moves on with someone younger in their home, but Madea pushes the woman to realize her worth and stop being the mad Black woman. One of Tyler Perry's greatest movies for the Black community. 

17. American Soul

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Once a Frog Entertainment

A take on how the iconic Soul Train started during a time of civic unrest amongst the nation, Black culture found a way to bond everyone no matter the race through dancing and music. The series follows the brains behind the legendary first nationally African-American syndicated show, Don Cornelius. 

18. Greenleaf

Greenleaf family at a funeral

19. Empire

20. Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé

Beyoncé at the opening of Homecoming

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