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Emojis We Wish The iPhone Update Gave Us

What do we want? More Emojis! When do we want them? Now!

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If you've ever had any issues with the lack of diversity in the emoji keyboard, then fear not - because today Apple released its latest update: iOS 8.3

The update features a variety of racially and sexually diverse emojis for users to choose from.

But if you're like me, then this recent update just isn't enough.

There are still critical additions to the emoji keyboard that just have to be made.

So Apple, take notes. Here is a concise list of what better be in iOS 8.4. Seriously.

5. Actual Hard Alcohol

As much as I can vouch for the wine glass or beer jug, that just is not a realistic summary of alcohol beverages.

I mean if we aren't going to discriminate against hair or skin color, we gotta give equal representation to our alcoholic beverages too. It's only fair.

6. Starbucks

While we're on the topic of beverage emojis, let me just add that we need to add a Starbucks emoji.

This is corporate America after all. The non-name brand coffee cup just won't cut it anymore.

8. In Bed AKA Don't Come In

This is for my all my people out there living with roommates. How easy would this be to send to someone, letting them know you've got a special friend over?

Much better than the sock-on-the-door trick.

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