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    34 Home Products So Pretty I Just Had To Tell You About Them

    Just trying to add a little ooh-la-la to your home.

    1. A plant-shaped dish you ~best be-leaf~ would look amazing on your dresser or on your kitchen sink. It's perfect for holding your rings while you wash your hands or apply lotion. You can also use it to hold your retainer — whatever works.

    a reviewer photo of the green dish holding jewelry

    2. A picture frame with a built-in Bluetooth speaker and interchangeable fronts that's a collab between Sonos and Ikea. It'll satisfy your need for wall art and entertaining sound, and can be hung on a wall or placed vertically or horizontally on a side table. If you love to hide things in plain sight, this is a great piece to add to your home.

    3. An Albany Park printed couch inspired by traditional West African wax prints that'll give your space a real pop of color and individual flare. People will think it's one-of-a-kind.

    a velvet couch with a teal and orange print

    4. A faux plant so realistic your mom might actually try to water it when she comes over for a visit. Sounds like a high ~qualitree~ plant.

    5. Or bouquet of dried pampas grass, a celeb-approved trend that is alive and well. An extremely low maintenance piece of decor, the neutral colors blended with the texture can transform an area instantly.

    6. An accent wall mirror with subtle curves to give what would be an otherwise ordinary piece a little charm. You can leave it vertical, turn it sideways, or even hang it diagonally.

    7. A fall-inspired candle with a matching fall-themed design so you can fill your home with a new scent. And the design makes for an ambient look too.

    the candle in a scent called flannel that has blue leaves on it

    8. A handcrafted dot placemat to give your dining table a one-of-a-kind upgrade sure to liven up your next meal.

    the different dot placemats you can buy in various colors

    9. A stone diffuser that'll blend into your motif. Reviewers say it's also extremely quiet, which is pretty ideal when you want your decor to be seen and not heard.

    10. A set of throw pillow covers complete with six different designs for punching up your living space with their subtle design features. Add them to your couch, accent chair, or bed.

    11. Or a velvet shell pillow that gives major ~I paid a lot for this~ vibes for a fraction of the cost. Plus, it's just so darn cute.

    12. A leather-wrapped table lamp featured on Alicia Keys' curated list of home must-haves to usher in a little extra illumination. It's perfect for turning your bedroom into an upscale hotel room and pretending you're on vacation.

    13. A double hand towel holder because towel racks are cool, but this holder gives you an alternative and chic way to display your hand towels, or decorative towels that nobody actually uses because they're so pretty. Some users have also used it to hold their necklaces and earrings, or their face masks.

    Small nickel double rod with a white base and two towels hanging from it

    14. A vintage-inspired mirror for an art deco conversation starter that can accent your dresser as a catchall or be used for serving when entertaining guests.

    15. A retro toaster because if you have to leave a toaster out on the counter, it helps if it looks as cute as this one. The style stands out on its own and pairs so well with the soft pastel colors.

    16. A compact toilet brush holder so no one has to think about being inches away from the tool that cleans the toilet. It almost looks like a sculpture, which is definitely the look they were going for.

    Sleek grey toilet bowl brush holder next to a toilet

    17. A cotton woven runner in case you're happy with all of your living room furniture but are looking for a piece to enhance what's already there without being too distracting.

    white runner with fringe and black geometric stripe pattern

    18. Or an abstract rug that features a variety of colors if your room is somewhat neutral or one solid tone to throw some additional color into the room.

    an abstract rug with orange blue and maroon shapes on an oatmeal colored background

    19. A set of tall jars because mason jars are great, but if you really want to flip the script, try these tall jars instead. Their style makes them perfect for displaying on your countertops.

    The set of four jars in different heights and cork ball tops

    20. A crescent-shaped catchall dish perfect for blending with a more desert-inspired theme that can be used as a landing for your car keys or jewelry. Pick up more than one and put them in different spaces of a room to tie everything together.

    three catchall dishes in yellow, orange, and purple

    21. A woven basket for housing your fave cozy blankets. My sister has one in her house, and everyone knows exactly where to go to grab some warmth after her house drops below 70 degrees.

    the taupe basket with a blanket hanging off the side

    22. A hammered gold moon phase garland if your space needs a dash of American Horror Story: Coven vibes.

    23. A set of airy linen curtains to make your bedroom feel like a scene out of a romance novel. The sheerness allows sunlight to still peek through when closed, too, for those of us who aren't vampires and actually like the light.

    24. Or a set of velvet curtains that'll not only add a little instant fancy, but will help to regulate temperatures, too, thanks to their thermal insulation. Quick tip: Hanging them high and wide will make your windows look larger.

    the velvet curtains hanging in a room in blue

    25. A unique bookshelf you can use to display all of the books you want people to think you actually have time to read or your favorite DVD box sets.

    a walnut colored shelf with slanted shelves throughout

    26. Or a minimalist-meets-industrial bookshelf to display your books, plants, photos, and other knickknacks that might've looked like clutter on a dresser, but on this, c'est magnifique!

    The bookshelf in gold and white

    27. A wireless library light that can highlight your favorite family portrait or be positioned over your impressive collection of books that you've purchased but never read.

    28. A wood and copper wall hook with leather strap to place things on or through the hook, making them not only stylish but multifunctional.

    Three of the hooks on a wall with a purse over the top of one and two scarves in the straps of the other two

    29. A cabriolet-inspired love seat that looks like it should be more expensive than it is, but — thankfully — it's not. Don't be surprised if guests will wonder if you recently won the lottery or got really luck at an estate sale.

    30. A set of traditional Louis XVI–style dining chairs in case you're looking for a stylish and upscale addition to your dining table that still has enough cushion to keep your tush cozy.

    31. A floral wall mural perfect for feeling like you woke up in a bed and breakfast.

    32. A wood wine bottle holder to display your favorite bottle of wine, even if you're not a savvy wine drinker. This display will have people thinking you are.

    Wood curved stick with a hole in the top with a wine bottle being held up in the air

    33. A removable tile backsplash you can stick in your bathroom behind the sink or along the wall in your kitchen to give your room that renovated look and feel.

    34. A ceramic vase with abstract faces etched into it for an original vase that'll have everyone eyeing your interior design skills, including these faces.

    the white etched vase with a bouquet of dried flowers

    Your friends sitting on your new loveseat admiring all your new additions: