14 Reasons Why You Should Be Listening To Boyce Avenue

Brothers Alejandro, Daniel, and Fabian Manzano collectively make up Boyce Avenue; your new favorite band.

1. Because they cover songs like no one else.

Boyce Avenue arguably puts out the best cover songs you will hear. They are constantly putting out cover albums along with music videos. They’ve covered John Mayer, Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake, Journey, and many other artists.

2. And their original songs are awesome, too.

While they may be more recognized for their cover songs, Boyce Avenue produces quality original pieces. They performed “I’ll Be The One” on Good Morning America, promoting their most recent album No Limits

3. They started their own label.

While they were briefly signed under Universal Republic where they released their first album All We Have Left, Boyce Avenue created their own label, 3 Peace Records, and have been producing and releasing their music themselves.

4. Alejandro has the voice of an Angel.

Just listen to that.

5. So do Fabian and Daniel.

Don’t count Daniel and Fabian out. While most of their songs feature Alejandro leading the vocals, all three brothers can belt out those notes.

6. They like to work with other rising artists.

Perhaps one of their best covers, Boyce Avenue produced their own version of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” alongside with Kina Grannis. They’ve also worked with Megan Nicole, Alex Goot, and Tyler Ward, among other rising artists, most of whom captured their audiences via Youtube.

7. They own YouTube.

Okay, they don’t LITERALLY own Youtube, but they sure know how to use it. Maybe you’ve never heard of them up until now, but you know who has? Their subscribers. Over 5.8 million of them. That’s more than Beyoncé has. Boyce Avenue began producing their music around the time Youtube was being utilized for discovering new music. And, boy, did the timing pay off.

8. They were vocal coaches on The X-Factor.

While not seen much on-screen, Boyce Avenue acted as vocal coaches on season two of The X-Factor(USA). They worked with many of the contestants on the show and have collaborated on songs with several of them, including girl group Fifth Harmony. They were recruited to the show by Mr. Cowell himself.

9. They’re friends with One Direction.

Speaking of The X-Factor, Boyce Avenue toured with the now infamous boyband One Direction back in 2012. So many bromances.

10. They tour all the time.

Catch these guys live while you can. They tour for a good portion of the year across the world. They are currently scheduled to tour Germany, New Zealand, and Australia before coming back to tour the states in September.

11. Fabian owns a design studio and clothing line.

These Quiet Sounds is Fabian’s Design Studio and Clothing line. Fabian has designed the band’s posters, album artwork and band merchandise since their beginning. Now he has These Quiet Sounds in Sarasota, FL, where he designs beyond the band’s needs.

12. Daniel really likes social media.

The brothers share the band account but Daniel has his own complete with his own sense of humor.

Photo caption: Recently had a great photoshoot! We shrunk Alejandro & Fabian for a few of the shots! (D)

13. They talk to themselves online.

@BoyceAvenue says the band that took over 3 years to release new music.

— Boyce Avenue (@BoyceAvenue)

Boyce will be Boyce.

14. Because they’re flawless.

Just trust me on this and check them out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed with what you hear.

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