• 1. Ask yourself: Would I share this? Is it legitimately interesting or am I just desperate to post something?

    The social aspect is key to everything we do.

  • 2. Search for it. Make sure it hasn’t already been posted.

    Burnred is watching you.

  • 3. First sentence bold. Always.

    Looks nice.

  • 4. Make the title concise, clicky, searchable.

  • 5. Don’t say “we.”

  • 6. Add tags to it.

    Think like a Googler.

  • 7. Copy-edit it.

    ’90s, “Title”, All Uppercase Letters.

  • 8. Mark it as tame or NSFW.

    If it’s PG-13 or “worse,” mark it as NSFW.

  • 9. Give credit.

    From=where you found it. Source=who made it, where it came from (if you can find out).

  • 10. Optimize it.

    Add more tags, boost if appropriate, check back to see where traffic is coming from, ping social media editor to promote.

  • 11. Don’t submit link buzz.