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Every Episode Of "Unsolved Mysteries" About Ghosts

We dare you to make it through the theme music while watching these in the dark. MUHAHAHA!

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Episodes 1-9

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1) Friendly Ghost

2) Resurrection Mary

3) Matchmaker Ghost

4) Queen Mary Ghosts

5) Grace's Ghost

6) Voice From The Grave

7) Ghosts Go To Court

8) The Entity

9) Ghost Boy

Episodes 10-17

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10) Black Hope Curse

11) Tallman's Ghost

12) Ghost Blimp

13) Gordy's Ghost

14) Highway Vision

15) Civil War Ghosts

16) Profiling The Paranormal

17) Ghost Lights

Episodes 18-26

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18) Lizzie Borden's House

19) Tatum's Ghost

20) Ghostly Attraction

21) Ghost Writer

22) Mary Celeste

23) Comedy Store Ghosts

24) Myrtle's Plantation

25) General Wayne's Inn

26) Devil's Backbone

Episodes 27-34

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27) Gettysburg Ghosts

28) Frightened Family

29) Moss Beach Ghost

30) Lady in Black

31) Bullock's Deadwood

32) Lake Wales Haunting

33) Mystery Hum

34) Always, Karen

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