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17 Ways "Clueless" Would Be Different If It Came Out Now

Clueless is officially 17 years old. Here are the ways it'd differ if it came out in 2012.

1. The classroom debates would be about the crisis in Sudan.


Instead of aid to Haiti.

2. Travis would be in a lo-fi band.

Instead of a 90s grunge band.

3. Cher would wear clothes from Alexander Wang and Balenciaga


Not Alaia and Calvin Klein.

4. Cher would drive a Mini Cooper.

Instead of a Jeep.

5. Cher's closet would be organized on an iPad.

6. And she'd tweet a photo of her outfit every morning.

7. They'd go to spinning class.

Instead of doing workout videos at home.

8. Cher would have a bejeweled iPhone case, probably made by a designer.

She'd write everything on that, not with a feathery pen.

9. The only "herbal refreshments" would be juice cleanses.

10. Everyone would wear fedoras.

The only thing more ridiculous than a fedora is a beret.

11. There would be absolutely NO scrunchies.

12. They'd listen to Drake and Flo Rida at parties.

Not Coolio.

13. They'd wear flatforms.

Not Mary Janes.

14. They'd wear high-waisted jean shorts.

Not plaid miniskirts.

15. They'd Instagram everything.

Instead of printing photos and taping them in lockers.

16. The guys would all wear skinny jeans.

17. They'd wear Lululemon for gym class.

Not this insane nonsense.

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