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17 Reasons Why "Downton Abbey" Is The Best Show Ever

Sunday nights are not for football, they're for THIS SHOW — and it's finally coming back!

The best love affairs do not go unrequited.

1. Season three has to open with Mary and Matthew's wedding.

2. Period fashion.

3. Period lady hair.


5. Matthew Crawley's hair.

6. Matthew Crawley, just generally.

7. Castles.

8. Stately interiors.

9. "Downton Abbey" also has a great dog.

10. And fabulous horses.

11. That allow shots like this to be a regular part of the program.

12. The butler is awesome on the show as well as in real life.

13. It feels like the long-awaited extended version of the BBC's 1995 "Pride & Prejudice" miniseries.

14. But with the drama of early "Gossip Girl."

15. Dinnertime is beautiful and tension-filled.

And finally, "Downton Abbey" is The Best because: the Dowager Countess is TV's last true heroine that we can all believe in.

Downton Abbey returns to PBS Sunday, January 6. Check your local listings for show times!