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    Here's The "Quibbles & Bits" Newsletter Archive!

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    Written by the BuzzFeed copydesk, the monthly Quibbles & Bits newsletter is all about grammar, linguistic tidbits, and word facts you need to know.

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    Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

    Quibbles & Bits #27: Logophile gift ideas to help you sleigh it this season


    Quibbles & Bits #26: Wake me after the election

    Brandon Wall / Pusheen

    Quibbles & Bits #25: "Anne-Marie, do the interns get Glocks?"

    20th Century Fox

    Being a BuzzFeed copy intern, a gender-neutral wedding, and y’all already know.

    Quibbles & Bits #24: "The struggle bus, bumf, and your burning questions!"

    Eighth Grade / A24

    Quibbles & Bits #23: "Tough decisions, Janelle Monáe, and the etymology of 'corgi'!"

    Atlantic Records

    Quibbles & Bits #22: "Literally just a bunch of memes and reading recs"

    @pants_leg / Twitter

    Quibbles & Bits #21: "It's International Women's Day: Check your binary at the door!"

    Sony Pictures Classics

    Quibbles & Bits #20: "The Winter Olympics, spoonerisms, and more profanity!"


    Quibbles & Bits #19: "Reporting in the #MeToo age."

    ricochet64 / CanStockPhoto

    Quibbles & Bits #18: "Mental health, phubbing, and ghosts."

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Quibbles & Bits #17: "Dotards, clowns, and character counts."

    Warner Bros.

    Quibbles & Bits #16: "Charlottesville and the alt-right, Game of Thrones, and your punctuation mark personality."


    Quibbles & Bits #15: "Vanity: Fair?, long live copy editors, and 🔔🔔🔔"


    Quibbles & Bits #14: "Summertime, dancin’, and polyglotism."

    Focus Features

    Quibbles & Bits #13: "Food, fipples, and floofs."


    Quibbles & Bits #12: "The singular 'they' and a new ~millennium~ in the BuzzFeed Style Guide."


    Quibbles & Bits #11: "Englishing, ASMR for nerds, and some funky style guide additions."


    Quibbles & Bits #10: "The language of love, untranslatable words, and Merriam-Webster."

    Quibbles & Bits #9: "Friday the 13th, logophobias, and tidsoptimism."

    Quibbles & Bits #8: "Holidays, resolutions, and cats (duh)."

    Quibbles & Bits #7: "Noms noms noms."


    Quibbles & Bits #6: "The election, the election, and...more of the election."

    Quibbles & Bits #5: "Star Trek, weird words, blond vs. blonde and beyond!"

    Quibbles & Bits #4: "Summer is almost over, but there are plenty of summer words to discuss."

    Quibbles & Bits #3: "All about the Olympics, Pokémon, and podcasts."


    Quibbles & Bits #2: "A special edition in honor of LGBT Pride Month."

    Lionsgate Films

    Quibbles & Bits #1: "Grammatical firsts, slanguage, and summer terms."