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39 Awesome Things You Never Knew You Needed For Your Kitchen

Here's hoping you have some free space in your cabinets and on your counter.

1. A handy, dandy "tower" you can use as a plastic bag holder *or* a bottle dryer.

Get it from Amazon for $17.

2. An amazing gun that dispenses hot cheese instead of hot glue.

The easily-removable (and washable) cheese compartment is designed to fit sticks, but you can also use shredded cheese or folded up slices. Pick some cheese, heat up the gun, and top off some nachos! Or build a cracker cottage! Or seal up some mess-free tacos!

Note: The Fondoodler is licensed and sold by BuzzFeed.

3. A set of magnets that'll turn your fridge into Jurassic Park.

4. A spoon that allows you to stir more flavor into your cooking.

Put some herbs and/or spices into the spoon compartment and head down the road to more flavorful food.

Get it from Joseph Joseph for $6.

5. Mugs and coasters you can color (once you get sick of using your adult coloring books).

6. A sweet little ceramic cottage just waiting for a family of garlic heads to move in.

7. Happy hour clocks you can have personalized with your name and your beverage of choice.

Wine, beer, or gin.

Get them from Hammacher Schlemmer for $59.95.

8. A container that'll keep your guac on lock (to prevent browning).

9. Magnetic buttons to place on your dishwasher to let people know whether they should dump their dirty plates in there... or stop being lazy and empty the clean ones out.

It also comes with velcro for people who have dishwashers a magnet won't stick to.

Get them from Amazon for $9.99.

10. A gorgeous iridescent cocktail shaker set that includes a shaker, strainer, stirrer, and jigger.

11. And a Bluetooth smart scale to help you make ~the perfect drink~.

12. A shovel that digs.... the tops off bottles. With its handle.

It doesn't make the *most* sense, but let's not question it.

Get it from Amazon for $10.

13. A milk and cookies server that Santa would totally appreciate.

14. A hot air popcorn maker shaped like the Stanley Cup for the hockey fan in your life.

Yes, just like you, I'm shocked that this exists.

Get it from Amazon for $69.99.

15. A glass to drink from before AND after 5pm.

At 4:59, it's time to flip this baby over.

Get it from Stupid for $17.99.

16. A modern spice carousel with easy-to-clean pods.

17. A citrus reamer that fits right over the top of a little ice cube tray (so you can make lemon/lime/orange cubes to add flavor to water or cocktails).

18. A Lazy Susan that's *also* a warming plate.

19. A gadget that makes a (somewhat healthier) version of bacon.

Much of the fat and grease drains down into a cooking plate. Another bonus: the bacon won't "spit" at you while you cook it (nobody likes getting burnt).

Get it from Bed Bath and Beyond for $29.95.

20. Mix and match trivets that'll remind you of the Tangram puzzles you used to play with in elementary school.

Get a set of 12 at Fab for $42.

21. Beautiful dog-shaped cheese boards that'll make you want to throw a dinner party (just so you can show them off).

22. A mug for art history nerds.

23. An apron that's so pretty you'll be tempted to wear it outside the house.

24. A rice and soup bowl pair that reveal a cat design when you stack 'em.

25. An interactive poster that'll encourage you to drink more craft beer than you already do.

Each bottle is scratch-able! After you try a type of beer, you scratch it off (just like a scratch ticket).

Get it from Pop Chart Lab for $35.

26. A pillow for a spoon to rest its weary head on (after a long, hot day of cooking).

27. A tin lunch box to bring to your next gig.

Get it from Amazon for $16.46.

28. An illustrated print you can have custom designed to feature a family recipe.

29. A pan that'll make breakfast look more like your text messages.

If you're not big on emojis, they also have leaf, animal, snowflake, and monster pans.

Get it from Amazon for $24.

30. A crushed ice mold for your friend who fancies himself to be a mixologist.

31. Berry bento boxes with built-in strainers (to keep your rasps and blues from getting soggy).

Get them from Amazon for $10.94.

32. Tea towels for people who believe in the power of teamwork.

33. A print that'll bring a little of Jerry's kitchen into yours.

34. A rotating gadget that'll make shredding up chicken or pork oh so much easier.

Get it from Amazon for $24.95.

35. Drawstring vegetable bags to keep potatoes, onions, and garlic heads away from light (delaying the sprouting process).

36. An absurdly inventive lamp that "steals" items to use as legs.

Artichokes! Carrots! Pasta! Or just set it on the table (if you want to be boring).

Get it from Design Boom for $90.

37. A set of "little bowls with deep ideas."

They're printed with theorems by Euclid, Hippasus, Pythagoras, and Gauss.

Get them from Amazon for $29.95.

38. A device to "unzip" stubborn jars.

Get it from Ototo for $16.

39. And a magnetic, pineapple-shaped coffee pod holder you can hang right on your fridge.

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