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    BuzzFeed, Inc. Launches Lighthouse Internationally

    Lighthouse is a data services suite, encompassing BuzzFeed, Inc.’s portfolio, which will now be available in its international markets including the UK, Canada, Australia and Latin America.

    London -- 15th August, 2022 -- BuzzFeed, Inc. today announced that Lighthouse, an offering for advertisers across its platforms that brings brands closer to its audience, is now available to clients internationally. Lighthouse leverages BuzzFeed’s tech-powered foundation and diverse array of content across BuzzFeed, Inc. - which includes BuzzFeed Entertainment, BuzzFeed News, Tasty, HuffPost and Complex Networks - to provide advertisers with a deep understanding of audiences and their behaviours. In the UK, audiences will be made up from BuzzFeed UK’s 20 million monthly users.

    Lighthouse allows advertisers to tap into BuzzFeed’s data to learn more about specific audiences through research and insights, providing a deeper understanding of the audiences a brand intends to reach as well as its affinities. As part of the offering, BuzzFeed helps brands utilise their own and third party data to put it to work at scale in a bilateral fashion. Additionally, Lighthouse assists advertisers in optimising campaign distribution and audience segmentation to ensure campaigns perform better.

    Lighthouse enables BuzzFeed to meet the demand of today’s audience-based buying and selling, and comes at a time when marketers are increasingly buying first-party data, and becoming less reliant on third-party data and cookies. Utilising data processed only on the device level, Lighthouse is key in helping advertisers reach audiences as the industry heads into the cookieless future.

    This announcement follows Lighthouse’s launch in the US in March last year, and expansion across the Complex brand this April.

    “Our global audiences and communities continue to be a major point of differentiation and one that we are now in a position to activate at the campaign level across all our markets with the expansion of Lighthouse’s data services internationally. We’ve been looking forward to bringing these capabilities to those markets, where we’re seeing an appetite for more diverse and niche datasets,” Josh Fromson, SVP Enterprise & International Sales said.