10 Mind-Blowingly Offensive Quotes From Ron Paul Newsletters

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul used to publish a libertarian newsletter in the '80s and '90s. They were not, shall we say, sane. From those newsletters, here are some racist/homophobic/anti-semitic musings on everything from AIDS to Hate Whitey Day (aka Martin Luther King Jr. Day). Paul says he didn't write any of the following quotes, but they all appeared under his name. Yiiiiiikes.

Gavon Laessig • 7 years ago

How To Fix Your Life In Two Steps

Some good advice from Leo Babauta on simplifying things and focusing on what really matters.

sly • 7 years ago

The 5 Stages Of Vacation Grief

Feeling tired, depressed, like quitting everything and moving to a beach hut somewhere sunny and cheap? You may be suffering from the 5 Stages of Vacation Grief. The signs are universal and can be experienced by people from all walks of life. Remember that these feelings will pass and another vacation will come again.

sly • 7 years ago

The Littlest Wall Street Occupier

Amid the crowds of protestors and media in Zuccotti Park on Wednesday, this little guy was just hanging out on Danielle's shoulder. She found the squirrel a few months ago under a tree near her house after a heavy storm. Its legs were broken and a veterinarian told her it likely wouldn't recover. Instead of putting the squirrel down, Danielle adopted it and nursed it back to health. Now they go everywhere together. The squirrel's name is Hazelnut, she likes peanut butter, and her leash is made of braided hemp.

sly • 7 years ago

34 Portraits Of People Occupying Wall Street

Yesterday, Amy Sly and I headed down to Wall Street to interview and take pictures of people participating in the Occupy Wall Street protest. Amy took the pictures and I asked the questions. This should give you a pretty good idea of the different types of people occupying Wall Street.

Matt Stopera • 7 years ago

10 Venn Diagrams Of Horrible Internet Mash-Ups

Because sometimes two isn't better than one. The Internet loves lots of things. Like kittens. And porn. So some people think you can combine those things. Those people are wrong.

Donna Dickens • 7 years ago