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Pepsi Max & BuzzFeed

Next Level

Pepsi Max broke all the rules in the cola category in Australia when it launched its great tasting no sugar cola in 1993. Pepsi MAX has always been about seeking new experiences and taking it to next level – maximum taste, no sugar. Pushing the brand’s agenda even further, Pepsi MAX in 2015 partnered with BuzzFeed Australia to generate awareness and further grow its fan base of loyal Pepsi MAX enthusiasts.

Together, Pepsi MAX and BuzzFeed AU created 5 pieces of unique content. Pepsi MAX’s BuzzFeed AU content aligned with the season, revolving around summer and the greater theme of “fun”. This ideal blend of seasonal and evergreen content resonated with the Australian audience: 12 Things That Are Not Allowed This Summer laid down the summer law and 11 Epic Australian Places You Should Probably Visit Someday, perfectly captured the Australian way of going to the max when it comes to nature.

To maximize distribution and reach, BuzzFeed’s in-house team of social media specialists targeted niche Australian groups on Facebook. The Social Discovery Team studied users’ Facebook behavior and matched keywords to serve native ad units to those who showed the highest potential of engagement with Pepsi MAX’s BuzzFeed content.

From program launch to completion, users spent a total of 293 days consuming Pepsi MAX content. The average time on page for this content is 16% higher than the Australian average over the same time period!

245,302 Total Views | 169,715 Paid Views | 75,587 Social Views

1.4X Social Lift

Pepsi MAX’s BuzzFeed program surpassed every goal, from quality of content to number of views and shares. Overall, Pepsi MAX’s BuzzFeed program was positively received at 83%, in addition to 30% of the program views were social (free) views! :-)

Through social storytelling, Pepsi MAX and BuzzFeed AU were able to spread quality content and positive summer vibes in Australia and worldwide. The program positioned Pepsi MAX as the alternative and knowledgeable brand that it is – always true to itself and its consumers.

“We’re really excited with the results which the Pepsi Max BuzzFeed partnership has achieved for our largest selling cola brand.”

Jenni Dill, PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand Marketing Director

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