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Consumers have more choices when it comes to meals than ever before. With so many options to consider, it can be challenging for consumers to know what to buy. As the market leader in the soup category, Campbell Canada wanted to bring awareness to their line of condensed soups as the perfect solution for making delicious meals.


Drive top of mind awareness that you can cook with Campbell’s® Condensed soups.


Many parents are faced with a busy schedule and struggle to find time to provide their families with tasty, homemade meals. That’s why Campbell’s Condensed soups are perfect for cooking many delicious recipes.

We used this positioning to inspire a 2-part campaign of original branded content showing how you can use Campbell’s Condensed soups as a shortcut to cooking an inventive dish the whole family will enjoy.


The strategic insight took form in two Tasty Video Recipes that were designed to inspire the Tasty audience. What better way to enjoy dinner with your family or partner than with a no-fuss home cooked meal?

Recipe 1: featuring Campbell's Cream Of Bacon Soup

Facebook: video.php

Even kids and picky eaters will be asking for more when their veggies are wrapped with bacon! Campbell's Condensed Cream of Bacon soup adds the perfect flavour to this chicken and spinach dish.

Recipe 2: featuring Campbell's Roasted Red Pepper And Tomato Soup

Facebook: video.php

Need a dish that serves the perfect amount of food for 2 people? Campbell's Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup is the star of this meatball boat recipe.


We have a blended methodology of reaching a brand’s audiences through loyal fans and the Facebook audience where we optimize videos towards the most shares, gaining the highest potential “qualified reach” for your brand’s content.

After testing multiple audience pools we saw signs of engagement (shares) among “Tasty Super Fans”, “Fans of Tasty Comfort Foods”, and “Fans of Tasty Dinner Content”. We then optimized our targeting towards these categories reaching the most engaged audience and we do all this in real time. The optimization helped us over deliver our guaranteed views and resulted in a more efficient CPV!


We also conducted a forced exposure study that showed significant movement among the exposed group. Impressively, the results show that we were able to increase message association around quick and easy weeknight meals (16%+), favourability (18%+), and intent (18%+) across both campaigns.

Positive creative response to the videos as branded content for Campbell’s was strong, with high brand fit and agreement that this is the best ad they’ve seen from the brand. Nearly all viewers (95%) identified Campbell’s as the brand within the recipes, and over 2 in 3 agreed that the product was necessary to the completion of the recipe!


For generations, people have trusted Campbell to provide food and drinks that are delicious, reliable and authentic. Highlighting the use of Campbell’s Condensed Soup in the recipes grabbed viewers attention and drove favourability of the brand. Aligning Campbell’s with the tried and true Tasty video format worked well in making viewers feel these recipes were attainable, driving association that the products are a great solution for meals.