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    Social Media Week London - From Search To Social: The Big Power Shift In Media - London, September 25, 2013

    Speaker: Luke Lewis, UK Editor, BuzzFeed 12:00-1:00PM SMWLDN HQ Mercer Street Studios Covent Garden, London WC2H 9QE

    From Search to Social: The Big Power Shift In Media

    We've seen the big shift from portals, to search, to social. Facebook, Twitter, and the social web are mature and content spreads faster and further than ever before. Owning the printing press or the broadcast pipe matters less and less in a world where creating content people love to share is the key to success.

    BuzzFeed will gather London's top newsmakers with a deep social understanding to discuss the next wave of innovation in media. Coming from a previous background heavily rooted in SEO and page views, Lewis will provide his own insight into BuzzFeed's model, and engage his fellow panelists to share practical advice on how ideas can spread to millions of people and how businesses can adapt to a world where social is the biggest growth engine, where banner ads are dying, and Facebook and Twitter have become the new starting point for news, entertainment and culture.

    Moderator: Luke Lewis - UK Editor, BuzzFeed

    Additional panelists:

    Richard Moynihan - Metro UK

    Martin Bellam - Usvsth3m

    Karla Geci- Facebook

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