22 Ways You Know You Went To Sac State

If any of this makes sense to you at all, chances are you were a Hornet.

Congrats! You went to Sac State!

Odds are, some of these might seem familiar to you.

1. Whenever someone tries to hand you fliers in the quad

2. This warms your heart

3. This could make or break your day

4. But now you’ve eaten Panda Express far too many times.

5. Round Table on campus and you are good friends

6. This sums up everyone at the football tailgates…

…and this sums up everyone AFTER the tailgates

7. During the fall Sac State is PERFECT

8. You may have been in this picture at some point

9. Spending the night in the AIRC is a regular thing

10. You think you’re going to get a good spot for parking…

…only to realize that even if you do, you’ll never find your car again

11. Squirrels are your spirit animal

…because seriously, they’re everywhere.

12. This was your reaction to finding out how long the winter break is

13. …but then you graduate and realize you don’t normally get 6 weeks off

14. You’ve tried working out at the WELL at least once

15. You know this was a big deal in Sac State history

16. You take the Causeway Classic pretty seriously

17. This was a daily struggle

18. The smell of these trees


19. How you think a 10:01 will be…

…and what it actually is

20. This was your life for at least a year

21. You were terrified of losing this

22. But at the end of the day, we’re all Hornets, so stingers up!

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