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Here's How To Make Kid President Out Of Origami

Origami paper artist Lisa KN gives us a glimpse into how she creates her amazing pop culture portraits. Art meets craft meets the internet.

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You'll need the following items:

- an old pen w/o ink (to use as a stylus)

- tweezers

- glue

- scissors

- sketch paper (or construction paper) to use as a canvas

- a variety of origami (or colored construction paper)

- a drawing of the subject you want to create.


Lisa K.N. is a self-taught Japanese artist. She calls herself an "Origami illustrator", "Origaminizer" etc. We can all agree she is amazingly talented and awesome, right? Check out more of her amazing portraits here. She doesn't have a site yet where you can purchase her artwork, but you should bug her about it anyway.