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10 hilarious reactions when you are hugged by a favorite teacher.

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When you are hugged by the most favorite awesome and cool teacher (who by the way is young and is your secret role model) you:

1. feel like you've just been hugged by your boyfriend/girlfriend

2. start skipping and jumping as soon as you leave the room singing Handel's Messiah

3. think about it all day afterwards with happiness

4. imediately think: " OMG this teacher likes me we're going to be friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. think: "yes! bragging rights! I was hugged by the awesomest teacher in the school!!!!!"

6. "I've never felt so happy in my whole life!"

7. you start singing a cool song and jam out to it imediately after leaving the room

8. you give a little shriek of happiness after you're sure no one can see you.

9. you blush all over and turn red as a tomato

10. finally: you write down underneath your desk that on a certain day you were hugged by your favorite teacher mr. or mrs. so and so, so that you can remember it forever:)

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