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BuzzFeed Named As Finalist For The Earnies Grand-Prix Award

BuzzFeed and BIC Razors for Men "Get Real" selected as finalists by panel of judges and open community voting in the first, socially-selected earned media awards

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A national razor company wanted to reinvigorate its brand and appeal to the 20-30 something male audience that may not pay too much attention to their choice of razor. It presented an opportunity for the advertiser and BuzzFeed to encourage men to shave and to find the right razor for them, while having fun and poking fun at men who needed to be schooled and taught on how to be a real man.


Shaving is known as a ritual for boys to transition into men. Playing along with that theme, BuzzFeed and BIC decided it would be fun to poke and teach how a man can learn to be a real man with 10 custom posts such as, "How to Deliver a Best Man's Speech," "Basics of Whiskey and Scotch," "Classic Cocktails That You Should Know How to Make," and more. The appeal was that it was a real story with real tips and at the same time feature BIC content on premium sites relevant to the target audience. Going along with the BuzzFeed buttons (where a story can be marked and shared by users based on its content as either being cute, LOL, OMG, WTF), etc; BuzzFeed also created a custom "Get Real," button for these posts, where it reinforced the idea of how a guy can be a real man.


There was an overwhelming response of sharers who loved the posts. BuzzFeed saw a CTR above 2% on Homepage story units with an overall 1.3x viral lift, (30% sharing rate). The custom, "Get Real" badge had over 1.2 m views with a 2.5x viral lift. BuzzFeed featured BIC content on premium sites and received extra viral lifts. The final result is a fun way to show how guys who read the site finally grew up to be real men.