Why ‘Man Of Steel’ Might Be All Hype

This movie has a lot of buzz, but that’s all it may be.

1. I think we’re all a little excited to see ‘Man Of Steel’, the new Superman movie coming out this week. I mean, it looks so epic!

5. Its new star, Henry Cavill is a total fox.

6. And let’s not forget that we can only go up from the last Superman movie.

7. But something seems a little weird.

8. To understand my apprehension, let’s take a look at another succesful superhero movie, ‘The Avengers’.

9. Marvel wanted to create not one series of films, but a whole collection of them that entertwine, creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). They had to start somewhere, and it had to justify the spending of billions of dollars to do it.

10. ‘Iron Man’ was a critical and box office success, paving the way for what would eventually become ‘The Avengers’, and the contemporary MCU. ‘The Avengers’ grossed 1.5 billion globally - the highest for any superhero movie.

12. Rumors swirled after the huge success of ‘The Avengers’ that Warner Bros. might be looking to get a piece of the action with one of their properties.

13. Um, close… Here we go. The Justice League!

14. The only problem was that some of these properties were already being tried as movies or television shows and failed epically.

David E. Kelley wrote a Wonder Woman pilot starring Adrianne Palicki in 2011.

16. The Dark Knight series was a huge success for Warner Bros, however Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale were vocal about creating a standalone trilogy.

18. What Warner Bros. needed was an ‘Iron Man’ - a tentpole film that would introduce the DC universe and give way to a team-up of the Justice League. Hence why we have ‘Man Of Steel’

19. Now here’s my concern - ‘Man Of Steel’, with its cool trailers and intense marketing campaign, will be a mediocre film.

20. Let’s take a look at the Rotten Tomatoes reviews for the three Iron Man films.

21. And now for ‘Man Of Steel’ …

UPDATE: As of June 14, ‘Man of Steel’ is at 59% on Rotten Tomatoes.

22. 65%?! Even ‘The Incredible Hulk’ did a little better than that!

23. Hey, these are just critics right? Let’s look at the box office numbers to add a little quantifiable data. According to BoxOffice.com, ‘Man Of Steel’ is expected to gross $115 million for opening weekend. Not bad, right?

24. But wait a minute, ‘Iron Man 3’ made $174 million in its opening weekend. That would outgross ‘Man Of Steel’ by $56 million.

25. ‘Man Of Steel’ has to outperform expectations by a lot to be a serious contender against the Marvel cannon, and as a launching pad for the DC Universe. But how good can it be with expectations so low and word of mouth so mediocre?

27. I guess we’ll find out this Friday!

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