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Ranking The Queens Of "RuPaul's Drag Race"

We did the math to find out which queens really came out on top.

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Jeremy Feist over at decided to do an in-depth analysis of every queen to grace the screen on Rupaul's Drag Race. What he got was a mathematical ranking from best (highest score) to worst (lowest score).

So How Does It Work?

Wins = 3 Points

Highs = 2 Points

Safes = 1 Point

Lows = -1 Point

Lip Synchs = -2 Points

A bonus point is awarded if the queen won the crown.

Also, the All-Stars season was not a consideration.


Queen Tier

Jade Sotomayor (-1)

Sonique (-1)

Mystique Summers (-1)

Phoenix (-1)

Nicole Paige Brooks (-1)

Tammie Brown (-1)

Coco Montrese (-2)

Alyssa Edwards (-2)

Milan (-2)India Ferrah (-2)

Princess Tier

The Princess (-2)

Penny Tration (-2)

Alisa Summers (-2)

Venus D-Lite (-2)

Victoria "Porkchop" Parker (-2)

Kenya Michaels (-3)

Monica Beverly Hillz (-3)

Carmen Carrera (-4)

Serena ChaCha (-4)

Akashia (-6)

Photos by Armand Michael @ArmandTweets

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