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8 Tips For Improving Your Dots Score

Need help beating your friends? Here's how!

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So you decided to try Dots and now you can't put it down. Here are eight tips for improving your skills, and making sure you're always at the top of the score board!

2. Make Squares.

While it may be tempting to connect a 6-dot string , don't do it! You'll only get major points for connecting squares. Once a square has been made, that color will be eliminated from the board, giving way to more squares.

3. Recognize Near Squares.

Zachary M. Seward at has found three pretty common near-square formations for you to look out for:

5. Be Aware Of The Entire Board.

You will have a higher concentration of same colored dots at the bottom of the board as you create squares, however be aware of any formations that may occur at the top and middle of the board.

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